CSE 146 Virtual Poster Day Winter 2020

CSE 146, Ethics & Algorithms, is a course in which students learn about automated systems through an ethical framework, focusing on topics such as bias, interpretability, causality and privacy. Throughout the quarter, in groups of three students have worked on a project related to course topics. Below is a list of all the projets, along with videos describing them, and their virtual poster.

Apparently the World is Mostly White Men (Poster and Video) by Cyrus Karsan, Clarence Ng and Nicholas Shekelle (Funniest Video)
Affirmative Action (Poster and Video) by Nathaniel Chang, Joshua Cheung and Theresa Tan
Analyzing Recidivism Prediction (Poster and Video) by Clifton Dixon-Ferrell, Elijah Pandolfo and Alexandra Varelijan (1st Place Best Project, Best Report)
Automation and Employment (Poster and Video) by Kevin Nelson, Dominik Shmidt and Joseph Zanini
Tesla Autonomous Vehicle Safety (Poster and Video) by Kaleen Shrestha, Andrew Thach and Alexander Weiner (2nd Place Best Project)
Recidivism and Fairness (Poster and Video) by Ryan Sun, Huanlei Wu and Andi Zhao
Recognizing Race (Poster and Video) by Varun Balusu, Jonathan Lam and Daniel Luft-Martinez
Gaydar (Poster and Video) by Sean Gibson, Ashley Lavizadeh and Samuel Walcoff
Machine Learning with ESports (Poster and Video) by Marlon Gregorio, Kyohei Ikeda and Mingrui Zhao
Making Recidivism Predictions More Fair (Poster and Video) by Dexin Jin and Matthew Klein
Metastatic Tissue Classification (Poster and Video) by Darren Eam, Pavithra Nagarajan and Evan Suther (3rd Place Best Project)
Predicting World Happiness (Poster and Video) by Maximilian Grieser, Bryan Lopez and Matthew Oey (Best Video)
Wage Inequality (Poster and Video) by Hyun Min Lee and Raymond Lee
Fair SAT Prediction (Poster and Video) by Kyle Oda, Tianyi Tang and Bryan Tor
Ethical Concerns About the Implementation of Self-Driving Cars (Poster and Video) by Calvin Hong and Conor Howell
Facial Recognition in AI (Poster and Video) by Sanjana Natraj, Soumya Poolla and Nikitha Sreekant
The Patriot Score (Poster and Video) by Alexandra Luther, Abirami Patchaiyappan and James Taliaferro (Most Creative Analysis)
Societal Concerns in Student Success (Poster and Video) by Yugyung Juny, Jesse Lee and Jeffrey Wu
Student Alcoholism and their Academic Success (Poster and Video) by Kayla Bower, Joseph Csosti and Zainub Sheikh
How much student data should a school have access to? (Poster and Video) by Sriya Lingampalli, Katarina Springer and Prescott White
Predicting Student Performance (Poster and Video) by Woo Hyuk Chang, Timothy Le and Justin Leung
Suicidal AI (Poster and Video) by Alex Bistange, Spencer Gurley and Dustin Seltz (Most Creative Analysis)
Suicide Rates Across the World (Poster and Video) by Brian Andrus, Michael Ma and Joshua Ethan Perez
Income Prediction Bias (Poster and Video) by Radhika Gathwala, Rohan Krishnaswamy and Kartik Panchal (Best Video)
An Analysis of Stop-and-Frisk Policies and Their Effects (Poster and Video) by Corey Chan, Shant Narkizian and Dagmawi Demess
Linear Regression: Calculating Income Inequality in New York (Poster and Video) by Ashkay Kaseebhotla, Andrew Lyle and Strother Woog
An Analysis of Twitter's Trending Topics in Comparison to Top News Headlines (Poster and Video) by Zion Isaiah Calvo, Surya Keswani and Donald Stewart
FEFM: Federal Education Funding Model (Poster and Video) by Muhammad Abdurrohman, Fahed Abudayyeh and Suleyman Saib