Inferring of emotion processing and information spreading

Photo of Janusz Hołyst
Speaker Name: 
Janusz A. Hołyst
Speaker Title: 
Professor of Physics
Speaker Organization: 
Warsaw University of Technology
Start Time: 
Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 1:30pm
End Time: 
Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 2:30pm
UCSC, Engineering 2, room 599
Lise Getoor

Abstract:  Our society becomes more and more a coevolving techno-social system where the accelerating progress of information technologies induces quantitative changes in the way we communicate, express our opinions and emotions. 

The first part of my lecture will be devoted to detecting and modelling of collective emotions in cyberspace (Cyberemotions Project). I will address the following questions:

- what are emotions and how can one detect them ? 

- what are cyberemotions  and how  can one measure their collectiveness  ? 

- what is the role of emotions for on-line communities ? 

- how can data driven agent-based models describe the life and death of on-line communities ? 

The second part will be related to the reverse engineering of social information processing (RENOIR Project). I will discuss three special cases:

- how to locate a hidden information source in complex networks ?

- can one predict Twitter coevolution?   

- what are information recipients of Slovenian Press Agency STA ?  

Bio:  Janusz A. Hołyst is a Professor of Physics at the Centre of Excellence for Complex Systems Research, Warsaw University of Technology, in Warsaw, Poland.  His current areas of interest are simulations and data driven models of evolving networks, information driven processes, social media, models of collective opinion and emotion formation, econophysics, non-equilibrium statistical physics, stochastic resonance, cellular automata, self-organized criticality and phase transitions.