Computer Science

CMPS 128: Distributed Systems: File Sharing, Online Gaming, and More

CMPS 130: Computational Models

CMPS 140: Artificial Intelligence

CMPS 142: Machine Learning and Data Mining

CMPS 143: Introduction to Natural Language Processing

CMPS 161: Introduction to Data Visualization

CMPS 165: Data Programming for Visualization

CMPS 180: Database Systems I

CMPS 181: Database Systems II

CMPS 183: Hypermedia and the Web

CMPS 201: Analysis of Algorithms

CMPS 203: Programming Languages

CMPS 245: Computational Models of Discourse and Dialogue

CMPS 261: Advanced Visualization

CMPS 277: Principles of Database Systems

CMPS 278: Design and Implementation of Database Systems

CMPS 290C: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

CMPS 280Z: Seminar in Natural Language Processing and Dialogue


Applied Math and Statistics

AMS 115: Stochastic Modeling in Biology

AMS 131: Introduction to Probability Theory

AMS 132: Classical and Bayesian Inference

AMS 147: Computational Methods and Applications

AMS 156: Linear Regression

AMS 202: Linear Models in SAS

AMS 203: Introduction to Probability Theory

AMS 205B: Intermediate Classical Inference

AMS 206: Classical and Bayesian Inference

AMS 206B: Intermediate Bayesian Inference

AMS 207: Intermediate Bayesian Statistical Modeling

AMS 215: Stochastic Modeling in Biology

AMS 221: Bayesian Decision Theory

AMS 223: Time Series Analysis

AMS 225: Multivariate Statistical Methods

AMS 238: Fundamentals Of Uncertainty Quantification In Computational Science And Engineering

AMS 241: Bayesian Nonparametric Methods

AMS 245: Spatial Statistics

AMS 250: Intro to High Performance Computing

AMS 256: Linear Statistical Models

AMS 263: Stochastic Processes

AMS 274: Generalized Linear Models

AMS 290A: Topics in Mathematical and Computational Biology

AMS 291: Advanced Topics in Bayesian Statistics


Computer Engineering

CE 113: Parallel and Concurrent Programming

CE 131: Human-Computer Interaction

CE 202: Computer Architecture

CE 231: Human-Computer Interaction

CE 233: Human Factors


Computational Media

CMPM 178: Human-Centered Design Research

CMPM 245: Computational Models of Discourse and Dialogue

CMPM 280Z: Seminar in Natural Language Processing and Dialogue


Technology and Information Management

TIM 204: Introduction to Optimization in Business

TIM 206: Optimization Theory and Applications

TIM 207: Random Process Models in Engineering

TIM 209: Data Mining and Business Analytics in Knowledge Services

TIM 210: Marketing Analytics and Engineering

TIM 211: E-Business Technology and Strategy

TIM 230: Financial Engineering and Management in High Technology Firms

TIM 240: Information Technology for Decision Support: an Introduction

TIM 245: Data Mining

TIM 250: Stochastic Optimization in Business Intelligence: Digital Advertising and Online Marketing

TIM 251: Large-Scale Web Analytics and Machine Learning

TIM 260: Information Retrieval

TIM 280I: Seminar on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management

TIM 280M: Sales and Marketing for Technologists and Engineers


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEM 246C: Computers and Information Processing in Chemistry

CHEM 265: Computer Simulation in Statistical Mechanics.


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BIOE 80S: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

BIOE 286: Experimental Design and Data Analysis


Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

BIOL 215: Applied Statistics for Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology



PHYS 250: Mathematical Methods


Astronomy and Astrophysics

ASTR 119: Introduction to Scientific Computing



ECON 211A: Advanced Econometrics

ECON 211B: Advanced Econometrics

ECON 211C: Topics in Empirical Research

ECON 216: Applied Econometric Analysis I

ECON 217: Applied Econometric Analysis II



PSYC 181: Psychological Data Analysis

PSYC 204: Quantitative Data Analysis

PSYC 214A: Multivariate Techniques for Psychology

PSYC 214B: Advanced Multivariate Techniques for Psychology


Center for Statistics Analysis in the Social Sciences (CSASS)